Biographical Information

Cambulac, Mongolian Empire


Vice Regent


Kublai Khan



Cause of Death

Trampled by horses

Killed By

Himself (sacrificed himself so Marco Polo could live)

Series Information
Portrayed By

Amr Waked

First Appearance

The Wayfarer

Latest Appearance



Yusuf is a trusted adviser of Kublai Khan and an active member within his court. He undertakes the role of Vice Regent, demonstrating his importance and value to Kublai Khan. Not much is known about his past, except Kublai calls him a "Crazy Khazarian"

Episode 4

Yusuf doesn't get along with Ahmed, and it seems obvious during one of the council meetings. After Marco's father, Nicolo, returns from the Dunhuang, Yusuf inspects his chambers and finds silk worms smuggled in a staff. He imprisons, Nicolo, his brother, and Marco, until Kublai releases Marco.

Episode 5

Yusuf is in charge of interrogating one of the assassins. He approves of Marco's search for the "Old Man of the Mountain".

Episode 6

Yusuf is interrupted while praying to Allah by Marco and Byamba, during their search for the assassin ringleader. After secretly hearing Marco truthfully report his findings to Kublai, Yusuf tells the khan that his suspicion in Marco's compliance has waned.

Episode 8

Yusuf proves his political skills when he has a duel of wits with Jia Sidao as he requests a parley with Kublai. Yusuf also strongly advises against the siege of Xiangyang.

Episode 9

Yusuf comes to have a final discussion with Marco, when he learns of Marco's new weapon against the Song: the counterweight trebuchet. Yusuf suggests to Kublai that he try out Marco's new idea, but Kublai refuses to listen. Later in the episode, Yusuf admits that he was the culprit behind Ariq's treason and the foiled assassination attempts by Mei Lei and the Hashshashins. He claims that he did it to protect the khanate from over extension and ruin. He takes Marco's place in the prison and is executed by horse trampling the next day.

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