Prince Jingim
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Relationship Information
Significant Other(s)

Genghis Khan (great-grandfather)
Tolui (grandfather)
Kublai Khan (father)
Empress Chabi (mother)
Byamba (half-brother)
Khutulun (cousin/sister-in-law)
Unnamed (stepdaughter)
Unnamed (stepson)

Significant Other(s)

2 Unnamed Wives
Kokachin (wife)
Sorga (wife)

Series Information
Portrayed By

Remy Hii

First Appearance

The Wayfarer


Prince Jingim is the trueborn son and heir of Kublai Khan and Empress Chabi, unlike his illegitimate older half-brother, Byamba. He strives to live up to the expectations set by his father and ancestors.

Appearance and Character

Jingim normally wears his hair in a ponytail, with strands falling across his face. He feels like his father surrounded him with too much Chinese influence that he himself is more Chinese than Mongol, which he thinks due to being mocked by other mongols for his defeat at in the first siege of Wuchang in episode 1. Despite the mockery, he strives to to make his father proud by sculpting himself into his idea of a good prince and future Khan of Khans.


Early Life

Born in 1243, Zhenjin, formally known as Jingim, was born and raised in China. His father later decided that Hundred Eyes should choose his Chinese name. Hundred Eyes decided that his Chinese name would be Jingim or "True gold".

Season 1

He initially welcomed the Polo family. However, that went downhill. He was always at odds with the Polo family. It is clear that he does not apprecaite foreigner influence in the court of the khan. That manifests in the Polos. He shows his disdain openly when he visits Marco Polo in jail and openly mocks the man.

In episode 2, he leads an army at the siege of Wuchang. Desparate to prove that he is a worthy successor to the throne, he waits until night. Counting on Ariq's non-committal reinforcements, he charges in without any backup to his main army. With the loss, Jingim returns home to report to the khan.

Season 2


In the first season, it is mentioned that Jingim has had several wives.

In the second season, Jingim is married to Kokachin, who was first seen in the first season as the illegitimate blue princess.


Appears in every episode.


Season 1

Season 2

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Episode 10


Zhenjin (Chinese 真金, "True Gold"), (Mongolian pronunciation Jingim) was named by the Buddhist monk Haiyun from North China in 1243. He was designated crown prince in 1273. He was a strong supporter of Confucianism in the court. He died at the age of 43 in 1286, 8 years before Kublai Khan and was replaced as crown prince by his son Temür who becomes Temür Khan/Emperor Chengzong. (Wikipedia Zhenjin)

It is insinuated through the end of season one and season two that he is sterile.

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