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Song Dynasty



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Michelle Yeoh

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Hunter and the Sable Weaver

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Lotus is the designated protector of the Song Dynasty's boy emperor. She is portrayed by Michelle Yeoh.

Season 2

In season two her and the boy emperor were staying in a dilapidated cabin in the woods hiding away from Kublai's men however they were found by Marco and Mei Lin and while putting up a good fight she had to retreat, the boy was taken and she quickly followed after the kidnappers following them back to China. (Hunter And The Sable Weaver, Episode 1) 

When she arrived she quickly found she was too late the boy emperor was killed by Kublai Khan and hung out as a spectacle. (Measure Against The Linchpin, Episode 3) 

She quickly gets to instigating terror around China in an attempt to cause an uprising against Kublai in order to have the Song Dynasty return to what it was once more, sending out terrorists to cause explosions in certain points across the city. Later in the episode she visits Mei Lin stating that she had done her part of the bargain and now Mei Lin must do hers, Mei Lin attempts to change the bargain and have Lotus save her daughter, however Lotus instead threatens to kill both her and her daughter if she isn't taken to Hundred Eyes. She tearfully watches Hundred Eyes practice his martial arts and while Hundred Eyes senses her presence they get into a somewhat non touching form of martial arts where Hundred Eyes attempts to stroke her face in order to find out who she is, but Lotus avoids every single one of his movements. (Lullaby, Episode 5) 

She meets up again with Hundred Eyes (Tom Wu). Later meeting in a forest, she tells him that the Preying Mantis pact says that if they do not get married, they have to fight until one dies. She gives him the entire day to decide, a decision that is not easy. After they return, Hundred Eyes decides that she is to walk away but both are unable to come to terms of killing one another. She leaves and continues her life. 


Season 2

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