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Biographical Information

Xiangyang (formerly)
Cambulac (currently)




Song Dynasty



Relationship Information
Significant Other(s)

Mei Lin (Mother)
Jia Sidao(Uncle)
Emperor Duzong(Half Brother)

The Emperor † (father)

Series Information
Portrayed By

Chloe Luthi (Season 1)
Jaime Chew (Season 2)

First Appearance

The Wayfarer

Latest Appearance

The Heavenly and Primal


Ling-Ling is the only daughter of Mei Lin and the former Emperor of The Song Dynasty. She is the older sister of the late Emperor Duzong.


Season 1

Ling-Ling was raised by her mother Mei Lin who was the Emperor's favorite dancer. When her father died, her mother soon left to practice her dance. She promised she would return and be the best dancer in the world. Jia Sidao, her uncle, said her mother would come back, and in the meantime she should practice her own dancing, and was often seen played with her younger brother.

One night, her uncle asked if she wanted to be a real dancer, like her mother. He showed her how to bind her feet, and story about one of the greatest dancers in the world, and how she had such small feet, only 3 inches. Her uncle asked if she wanted her feet bound too, so she could be like the woman in the story. Ling-Ling said yes, and to her horror her uncle broke her feet, just like that.

Months later, her feet her begging to heal but they were still in a lot of pain, and she couldn't walk or dance in the meantime. Her uncle bound them everyday for her, while one of her care givers warned him, she was too old to start the process.

Season 2

Days later, Jing Fei took her away. Promising she would be taken to see her mother. She was put on a horse with Marco Polo and Hundred Eyes, then they traveled for days to another castle.

After her arrival, she met Empress Chabi who took her to a healer, her feet would have to be re-broken she they could heal properly. It it presumed she was passed out for this.

Weeks later, the Empress visited her again, to ask how she was feeling. Her feet were healing, and she felt much better. But she still missed her mother, Mei Lin.


Season 1

Season 2

Episode 7

Episode 8

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