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Mongolian Empire



Cause of Death

Stabbed in the Back

Killed By

Marco Polo

Relationship Information
Significant Other(s)

Khutulun (daughter)
Orus (son)
Two unnamed sons †
Shabkana (mother)
Khasi (father)

Oghul Qaimish (maternal aunt)
Güyük (paternal uncle)
Kublai Khan (cousin)

Series Information
Portrayed By

Rick Yune

First Appearance

The Wayfarer

Latest Appearance

The Heavenly and Primal


Kaidu is the cousin of Kublai Khan. He is the heir of the House of Ögedei, named after Genghis Khan's third son Ögedei. He is the current leader of the Chagatai Khanate of the north. Unlike the Khan's brother, he shows loyalty to the Khan at nearly all times. The only exception being when he grew angry over not being able to lead the second siege on Xiangyang.

Season 1

Kaidu hosts a feast to celebrate his taking of Wuchang as vengeance for Prince Jingim's initial defeat. His daughter Khutulun puts on a wrestling competition show in front of the clan, but also tussles with Marco Polo in a private area. Kaidu has one of his biggest warriors take on Marco Polo, who almost chokes Marco until Khutulun interferes. (Feast, Episode 3)

Kaidu finds it difficult to believe that Byamba bested his daughter in a wrestling match and is his new son-in-law to be. (Rendering, Episode 8)

As Kublai mobilizes his army to siege Xiangyang, Kaidu request to lead the assualt. Kublai tells him that he will personally lead the tumens. Kaidu states that he lost two sons and wants to lead the assault or his men will leave with him. Kublai doesn't take kindly to this threat and banishes Kaidu from his domain. Later in the episode Marco and Byamba consider the outcome of the final battles: if Kublai loses Kaidu will persuade the Wikipedia:Kurultai kurultai to overthrow Kublai. After the victory of Xiangyang, Byamba marches into Kaidu's camp. Kaidu says nothing, except a menacing grin. (The Heavenly And Primal, Episode 10)

Season 2


Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

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