Fang Zhen
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Song Dynasty
Red Lotus Society



Cause of Death


Killed By

Jia Sidao

Series Information
Portrayed By

Collin Chou

First Appearance

White Moon

Latest Appearance

The Scholar's Pen


Fang Zhen was a member of the Red Lotus Society and champion of the Empress Dowager.

Appearance and Character

Fang Zhen was a stoic, honest, scholarly man and a warrior of great skill. He was said to be a capable military tactician, and as a warrior he was quick thinking and resourceful. Though despite his renown as a warrior, he sided with the Empress Dowager in trying to achieve peace, having grown tired of constant conflict.

In his one battle of the series, he was able to fight evenly with both Jia Sidao and Hundred Eyes, two of the series greatest fighters, and was only defeated when Jia Sidao attacked while he was fighting Hundred Eyes.

Season 1

He was taken off the front lines to assist the Empress in over throwing Sidao. During a match of chess with chancellor Jia Sidao the two begin to fight with Sidao attempting to kill him, having had enough of talking and Sidao wishing to not be overthrown by the empress. Hundred Eyes arrives during the fight in an assassination attempt to kill Sidao and with Hundred Eyes not being able to actually see, they begin a three way martial arts match, Sidao strikes while Zhen is busy dealing with Hundred Eyes and he is officially killed.