Amarsaikhan Baljinnyam
Amarsaikhan Baljinnyam
Biographical Information
Real Name: Балжиннямын Амарсайхан
Originally From: Mongolia
Personal Information
First appearance: The Wayfarer
Portrays: Ariq Böke

Amarsaikhan Baljinnyam is a Mongolian actor. He portrayed Ariq Böke on Marco Polo.


Baljinnyamyn Amarsaikhan (Mongolian: Балжиннямын Амарсайхан) is a Mongolian actor and producer, known for Thief of the Mind (2011) and Trapped Abroad (2014).

Thief of the Mind (or Mind Thief) produced by Amarsaikhan and directed by Janchivdorj Sengedorj won the Grand Prix for Best Film in 2011 during the Mongolian 2012 Academy Awards with Amarsaikhan also winning the award for "Best Lead Role - Actor" during the same event. The film also won Best Supporting Role, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay and Best Sound Editing. Amarsaikhan was honored for his "valuable commitment in the development of the mongolian film industry" at the event.

He appeard in Marco Polo, a television drama series about Marco Polo's early years in the court of Kublai Khan; Amarsaikhan plays Ariq Böke. The show premiered on Netflix in December 2014. The series is produced by The Weinstein Company.


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